Base On Japan’s Tech


On the basis of deep expertise and enthusiasm, we will undertake from surveying, sample and test water sources, discussing target to build the best proposal of technology, the lowest in investment and operating costs as well as very easily maintainence, also high beautiful appearance projects
In addition, the connection, management and operation of the system will also be simple with PLC, SCADA, connected via the network or smart phone.

Names for projects include as:

  1. Treating water from well, river, sea, swimming pool
  2. Water treatment with sand filter, activated carbon filter, iron and manganese, heavy metals removal, softeners, RO, DI systems, sterilization, mixed Bed, EDI …
  3. Electro-Magnetic and Electrolytic – Scale Collector
  4. Chlorinator & Control System
  5. Waste water and recycle
  6. Pumping stations, pipe systems, equipment, chemical reaction tanks
  7. Electrical cabinets and control, measurement and monitoring systems
  8. Manufacturing and supply of water environment treatment equipment and materials