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1. Efficacy overview of electromagnetic field and Electrolysis

1.1. Effectiveness from actual survey

In recent years in Vietnam, some suppliers have applied the non-chemical treatment propgram for water basing on electromagnetic and electrolisys working principle, whether the results are satisfactory as actual demand or are it as the vendor’s documentation recommends…

Because this method of treating electromagnetic fields for descale, electrolysis to collect scale has been invented for a long time in the world. If it’s true as marketing, why do many places still use chemical? If it doesn’t work, the product won’t exist. Moreover, this is a related and passionate profession, so over the years UCE Co., Ltd have also investigated the effectiveness of using this equipment from large to small projects with different brands; Not stopping there, we have also spent a lot of money, time and cooperation to have products that we first tested ourselves to understand in more detail in different conditions, then product was born, the registered trademark name FUJIKLEAN® E-magnectic – descale, Electrolysis – scale collector & E-biocide for more choices to customers

What are the survey results? The following is the information that we have recorded from market as well as from our actual experiment

  • Not all water sources can be treated well with this device, but it must be accompanied by water treatment before being supplied to the system, most of which are water softeners or accompanied by the use of maintenance chemical, filtering equipment or cleaning chemical
  • When the operation is high duty or capacity, this equipment must be increased for the capacity or the number of devices leading to high investment costs, in other words, the smaller the system, the more suitable this device.
  • For new metal systems, it is necessary to have a good initial treatment (pre-cleaning and passivation) first, to stabilize the technical parameters before processing by these electromagnetic or electrolysis devices. Otherwise, there will be big problems for the system such as clogging, scale, corrosion, biofilm and water quality will be difficult to achieve for long time
  • The capacity of these decvices decreases as the scale increases, so it needs to be accompanied by cleaning the scale cages to bring high efficiency. The collector cage or collector must also be replaced because where electrochemistry occurs; corrosion will be rapidly happening – especially where salt concentrations are high.
  • There are places where only electromagnetic or scale collector equipment can be met such as domestic water supply systems, agriculture, one-way water pipes … or some customers do not want to use chemicals despite any its benefits…
  • It is possible to use an electrolytic and scale, sludge collector with super large capacity to remove impurities – as a pre-treatment step before other filtration systems such as sand filter, softener, RO; reduce COD, BOD in chemical waste water or oxidize heavy metals

– The electrolyzer can be used to maintain the amount of disinfection for clean water such as producing copper and chlorine ions

– Use the coil to wrap around of pipe prior to heat exchangers or where there is low flow velocity to enhance efficiency

– Easier management for these devices

– Suitable for places where chemicals cannot be used

– There are places where chemicals were used before, and now they change to this equipment, the main reason is that the chemical supplier offers not enough  treatment plan or over time the system productivity increases but still keep the original amount of chemical…, during operation without well spervising for treatment program, leading to not effective use  result of chemical used. In contrast, there are places where using electromagnetic or scale collector equipment, does not meet the highest expectations such as corrosion (low pH, high dissolved oxygen), scale (high pH), algae – microorganisms ( no shock treatment ) that this device can not handle, or many other reason…then customer changed to chemicals.

1.2. Does the chemical affect the environment?

Regardless of the abuse of chemicals, it will also affect the environment, so choosing chemicals to both solve the actual requirements and ensure at least or no impact on the environment, it is necessary to ensure:

– Licensed for use in the food industry

– Be in the category allowed by the Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Commission (EPA, HSE)

– Biodegradation fast, use just enough amounts allowed

– According to Vietnam’s environmental law

Does the chemical affect the environment?

Does the chemical affect the environment?

1.3. What is the best treatment proposal?

– Although the actual survey and experiment under different conditions, it is difficult to answer immediately which is the best proposal, it shoul be detail inspect for present condition, the most basic is

1- The nature of the water source

2- Operational capacity and system water volume

3- Water quality standards must be met after treatment such as water parameters (physicochemical, microbiological), efficiency (scale, corrosion, algae)

4- Existing situation of water system that is going to be treated

What is the best treatment proposal?

What is the best treatment proposal?

– UCE Co., Ltd also has some “special” customers who was unsatisfied with high results supplied by other supplier before, so combine the treatment such as

+ Using of both methods: electromagnetic, electrolysis devices and maintenance chemicals that were previously used from two different supplier

+ Buy cleaning chemicals periodically because using maintenance chemicals or scale collector has not been high effective ( https://uce.com.vn/cleaning-chemical-service-package/ )

So please contact us so that we can discuss the best solution for your treatment

1.4. Outstanding advantages of Fuji Klean equipment

Outstanding advantages of Fuji Klean equipment

– Available in stock, fast delivery and installation, ready to site for maintenance

– Wide range of device codes suitable for all capacity from small to large

– Large capacity brings higher efficiency

– Electrical cabinets for 1 or more sets of scale collection cages or colume with low cost

– Multi-column design for scale collection for high-yield systems

– With or without copper ion generator as biocide

– More options for control and monitoring (manual, automatic, PLC, and internet)

1.5. FUJIKLEAN – Mseri Electromagnetic device

Working principle and function

Less scale formed after through FUJI KLEAN-M

Less scale formed after through FUJI KLEAN-M

  • Due to the impact in the magnetic field of the Lorenso force generated by the DC current, some mainly Ions, that cause deposits ( scale ) such as Ca2+, Mg2+ will be temporarily saturated with charge, or change the direction of the charge. This will limit the ions that interact with each other as well as with other negative ions, which will limit the generation of deposits
  • The electromagnetic field will also transfer the deposit (electrified) to partially dissolve, cleaning the water system
  • Water after going through the Electromagnetic field will be not or significantly change the chemical properties of the water but only the physical properties temporarily
  • Efficiency depends on many factors such as the total amount and type of ions in the water, flow rate, level of electromagnetic generation, and existing deposits before treatment…

Some related basic formulas

Right hand rule

Right hand rule

Relationship between magnetic force F, current I, coil length L, magnetic field B

Relationship between magnetic force F, current I, coil length L, magnetic field B

FUJIKLEAN – Mseri Electromagnetic device

The magnetic force F acting on the charged particle q includes the electric force acting statically on the particle ( qE ) and the magnetic force acting on the particle q when moving with velocity v in the magnetic field B ( qv x B )

1.6. FUJIKLEAN – E Seri Scale collection devices

Working principle and function

The mass of matter released at the electrode of an electrolytic tank is proportional to the electric charge flowing through the tank (According to Faraday’s 1st law) and to the chemical equivalent Eq (According to Faraday’s 2nd law) over time.

I: Amperage (A); t: electrolysis time. (S)

I: Amperage (A); t: electrolysis time. (S)

Thus, the factors related to efficiency are: Current, time, ingredients in water (see water as a mixture containing ions, non-ions and pure water).

Using DC power supply to the FUJIKLEAN®-E Electrolyzer with 2 poles Cathode and Anode in water, the following results will be obtained:

At the cathode (Cathode – negative pole)

The positive ions in the water, mainly Ca, Mg have been converted to CaCO3, MgCO3…=> will get scale on cage or column

Scale produced at Cathode on cage or column
Scale produced at Cathode on cage or column

Scale produced at Cathode on cage or column

Cleaning this scale layer can be manual (cage, column) or automatically (column) according to automatic alarm signal.

At A node (Anode – positive pole)

Produces a number of unstable oxidizing substances, temporarily stable, in which HClO is effective in controlling bacteria, algae

Controlling algae and bacteria

Controlling algae and bacteria

1.7. Many codes, easy to choose

Thiết bị điện phân thu cặn bám FUJI KLEAN - Eseri có nhiều mã cho khách hàng dễ dàng lựa chọn
Thiết bị điện phân thu cặn bám FUJI KLEAN - Eseri có nhiều mã cho khách hàng dễ dàng lựa chọn
Thiết bị điện phân thu cặn bám FUJI KLEAN - Eseri có nhiều mã cho khách hàng dễ dàng lựa chọn

1.8. Installation diagram

Sơ đồ lắp đặt thiết bị điện phân thu cặn bám FUJI KLEAN - Eseri